Seahawks Paintings!

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Seahawks Paintings!

Yahoo!  A new Seahawks season is starting soon! 

I will be creating two new 'Rain Paintings' dedicated to the Seahawks theme for the 2015-2016 season.

I will post their evolution on this page.

Go Seahawks!  #Seahawks #SeattleSeahawks #12man


I created both of the Seahawks paintings posted below

during the Fall 2014- Spring 2015 Seahawks Season.

Both of the 'Seahawks Paintings' below originated as Rain Paintings (they are created outside with nature - rain, pine needles, leaves, etc.)  

They are both complete now - and the blue - 'Seahawks 2014-15' painting is currently shown at the Lynnwood Library Gallery show till Oct. 1st.


Both of the paintings are for sale and:  50% of the proceeds will be donated to a Women Against Domestic Violence cause.

If you are interested in either painting -

email: or call: 425 231-4019

Marshawn Lynch Skittles (Rain Painting) - 30" x 40" - $700.00 #MarshawnLynch

'Seahawks Rain Painting' - After Superbowl - Final - 30" x 40" - $700.00

Seahawks Rain Painting- Acrylic - "40 x 30" -Before NFC Championship

Seahawks Rain Painting- Acrylic - "40 x 30" -Original -Before the Playoffs

Seahawks Rain Painting- Acrylic - "40 x 30" -After NFC Championship