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 Artist statement: 

I hope that my art will bring joy, happiness, love, fun, connection, reflection,

healing, peace and entertainment to those who view it!

We are more the same than different. 

 My gift to you is sharing my creativity!


   Laurie began her creative life at the age of three with tap dancing.
She then proceeded to add playing the violin, piano, and bass to her creativity.
While attending Penn State Laurie took art classes which touched her soul.
Laurie then attended CCA (California College of Arts) and she received a BFA degree in Design.
She then worked in the graphic design business (Landor, designing symbol libraries - for HP, etc.) 
in the Bay Area for several years while playing gigs at night.
 For the past 25 years she has made a living as an artist, recording artist/musician/singer-songwriter/music teacher.
Laurie has five CDs published, and she is currently working on her new CD - 'Listen People'.
    Laurie's award winning artwork has shown in both group and solo gallery exhibitions and events.
Laurie enjoys creating and painting in several styles. Currently she is focusing on creating in the
Abstract and Expressionism veins. Laurie's art in the Abstract style includes her 'Rain Paintings' which
are created out doors in the healing rain.  The paintings take between 6 months to a year or more
to manifest with over 40 layers of paint.
   It is always exciting to see what the final painting will look like. Laurie is currently working on her
8th series of 'Rain Paintings'. She began creating the 'Rain Painting' series in 2013.
   I  hope my art can connect and communicate something unique and deeply felt with the 
feelings and hearts of you (the viewers).


Laurie Miller's art is also featured at: Saaski Gallery in Monroe


If interested in Purchasing Art or Commissions:

Email or Call: 

Laurie Miller
425 745-2671
cell: 425 231-4019

'Save Our Planet' - Juried into the 41st Arts of the Terrace show- Spet. 21st - Oct. 5th

New Exclusive 'Rain Paintings' website:




New 'Rain Paintings'  are currently being exhibited at:

The Saaski Gallery in Monroe, WA



*These beautiful 'Rain Paintings' are created in collaboration with mother nature. 
The 'Rain Paintings' emit a wonderful healing, peaceful, calm energy.


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New Rain Painting Series - Youtube video link - features a movement from a solo piano piece I wrote and performed.


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  'Rain Paintings' are unique and created by Laurie Miller as of 2013.