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7th Series of Rain Paintings

   The beautiful 'Rain Paintings' are created in collaboration with mother nature.  

The 'Rain Paintings' emit a wonderful healing, peaceful, calm energy as a result of gathering the essential energy of nature.

Creating in conjunction with the rain produces wonderful layers of colors and textures combined in creative abstract patterns.  

I add different colors of paint (mostly acrylic and metallic paint) on several occasions (sometimes 20 - 40 or more layers)

during their evolution (which can take 6 months or longer) and then I decide when the paintings are complete.

During the 7th Series of Rain Paintings, I also recycled older Rain Paintings and added about 40 more layers of paint

and they were out in the rain for approximately six more months - for example - Magical Creature Storm is a recycled Rain Painting.


Magical Creature Storm - Rain Painting, 48" x 60", Acrylic & Metallic Paint, & Rain - $2,950.00

Monet's Clouds Rain Painting - 30" x 40", Acrylic Paint and Rain - $350.00

Magical Fire Rain Painting - 48" x 38", Acrylic & Metallic Paint and Rain, - $350.00